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We are a Baptist church committed to the Biblical Vision and Mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ. A vision of a world hopelessly lost in sin and in desperate need of redemption, and a mandate to reach this lost world with the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.


We are a family of born again believers in Jesus who gather together for worship, exhortation and encouragement. We are bound together in the love that God the Father has poured out upon us and that we are ordained by God to share with all those around us.


We firmly and unswervingly hold to the basic Biblical Doctrines that identify us as Evangelical. Some of these Doctrines (teachings) include: the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture which also includes the complete inspiration of that same Scripture. We believe in the Fatherhood of God. We believe in the Sonship and Deity of Jesus Christ. We believe in the Personhood, present Power, and Deity of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the total depravity of humankind. We believe in the complete salvation of those who place their faith in the Sacrificial Atonement of Jesus and His Bodily Resurrection. We believe in the church as the body of Christ on earth for the purpose of carrying out His Will and the Mandates to the lost world. We believe in the premillenial and personal return of Jesus Christ to this earth for the purpose of setting up His Kingdom. We believe in the resurrection of both the believers in Jesus and the unbelievers. The believers resurrected to eternal rewards and the unbelievers resurrected to be judged for their unbelief and the consignment to an eternal hell.

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